Only if there was a little love in your heart for me

I was in office working, when I again started missing her. Yeah give me some idle time and my brain takes me exactly where I don’t want to go. Place where I get insecure and start to panic. Have not heard her voice since some 15 days. She has been too busy….well don’t want to talk all about it. So sitting in office, I heard her saying “Wish we could go away from world, from everyone”. This is what she once said, and I could not resist to stop thinking about it.So I just fired up my laptop and opened Sticky Notes and just started to write, I don’t know what I was about to write. Things just started coming to me, and my fingers started typing, going back and forth, spacing, backspacing, entering…just typing something. And when I was done I realized, I wrote a poem, a short poem. Here goes:
Only if there was a place on earth for us to hide,
I would make there a Paradise for you to be a princess. 
Only if there was running away from mob and others,
I would run to eternity with you.
Only if dying was end of  the life,
I would just die in your arms to live the most in the end.
Only if there was a little love in your heart for me, I would show you how much I would hide, run and die for you to be with me. 
And now, I just felt to post it down, so here I am, writing down listening Ellie’s Love me like you do, a post after long time. Though I did not expected myself to write anymore of blogs, but here I am. May be I hit my break even. Well that’s all. There’s a lot, but I don’t feel like writing anything more. Ciao

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